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Welcome to Bangaramakki
Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki is a holy place amidst evergreen forests of Western Ghats and on the right bank of river Sharavati on a distance of 35 kms from Honnavar, near B.H. Road in Gerasoppa.
Know About Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki
Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki is one of the holy places of Karnataka which is situated on the right bank of river Sharavati near Gerasoppa which was once under the direct rule of Queen Chennabaira Devi, also known as ‘Pepper Queen’. No one would dream that once a barren neglected land would be a place of attraction and piligrimage for thousands of people all over the country. This piece of land is surrounded by evergreen thick forest of western ghat. Shree Kshetra a place of promise and peace is deemed as the abode of Lord Shree Veeranjaneya was founded by Late Veda Brahma Shree Ganesh Bhat with the blessing of Bhagwan Shree Shridhar Swamiji. A profound Vedic Scholar Late Shree Ganesh Bhat had obtained divine power of Darshana with intense devotional meditational rituals of Lord Veeranjaneya. Thus with this small beginning the temple started socio relegious activities and continued with same Zeal, sanctity and devotion by successor Shree Shree Maruthi Gurujee
The Karnataka, our state is naturally divided into four parts viz., 1. Konkana region (coastal) 2. The valley of Malenaad,......
Shree Maruthi Gurujee having a great zeal to work for the welfare of society, being well wisher of mankind, apart from......
annadah pranado loke pranadah sarvado bhavet | tasmadannam visesena datavyam bhutimicchata.......
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An endowment can be made in the name by depositing an amount of Rs 500/- (five hundred) and the desired offerings (shaswatha pooja) can be made with the acquired interest.

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